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What is an Owners Corporation?

An Owners Corporation (formerly body corporate) manages the common property of a residential, commercial, retail, industrial or mixed use property development.  You are likely to be a member of an Owners Corporation if you own a flat, apartment or unit. The Owners Corporations Act 2006 sets out the laws, duties and powers of owners corporations.

What does my Owners Corporation do?

An Owners Corporation is responsible for carry out the functions and duties of the Owners Corporation Act 2006 including the following;
  • Manage and administer the common property
  • Repair and maintain the common property, fixtures and services
  • Maintain the required insurance
  • Raise fees from the lot owners to meet financial obligations
  • Prepare financial statements and keep financial records

I’m locked out of my apartment? What do I do?

As an occupier, you can contact a locksmith to open your apartment door.  If you are not the owner the locksmith will not be able to provide you with replacement keys if required. If a tenant requires replacement keys this would need to be arranged via the property manager. Please note that these services will incur charges that would be burdened by the lot occupier.

My swipe/fob/remote is not working, please help?

Please contact the Onsite Building Manager on 0475 990 909. On many occasions swipes that have not been used for a long period of time can be deactivated for security purposes. If a swipe has been deactivated incorrectly it will be reactivated. If a swipe/fob or remote fails it will need to be replaced at the cost of the occupier. Please contact the onsite Building Manager or Engine ( 1800 364 463) to start the process of obtaining new swipes/fobs/remotes if required.

I need to order additional Keys/swipes/FOBS/Remotes?

Owners and or Managing agents wishing to order additional keys, swipes, fobs or remotes must first register an account on the Eporo Tower Website.  Registered users will be able to access the online access device order form through the members area.

Tenants wishing to order additional keys, access devices or remotes must contact their managing agent directly to arrange.

What is the procedure for moving into/out of Eporo Tower?

It is a firm requirement that all moves into/out of Eporo Tower are booked and confirmed with the onsite Building Manager prior to making any move arrangements. You must put in your order using this form: Organising Your Move

Moves and/or deliveries are permitted between the following times;

Monday – Friday 8.00am-4.00pm

Moves shall not be permitted unless the Building Manager has confirmed a booking. It is advisable to book in advance and consider allowing at least 2 working days.

All deliveries and/or moves shall enter the building via the car park entrance located on Station street.

Moves are not permitted on Saturday, Sundays or public holidays.

If a delivery arrives early, goods may be able to be unloaded at the loading dock at the discretion of the Building Manager.

Residents will be required to complete a move induction form prior to commencing a move. A copy of the move induction form can be found here. Residents will be informed that they will be held liable if their chosen delivery company causes any damage to the Eporo Tower common property and/or refuses to accept responsibility.

What do I do with Rubbish (Hard waste, General & Recycling)?

Garbage disposal

Household garbage

In the tower, the garbage chute is located in rubbish chute room on each apartment level.

TO PREVENT DAMAGE OR BLOCKAGE TO RUBBISH CHUTE DO NOT place newspapers, umbrellas, bedding, glass bottles, cigarettes, cartons, coat hangers, brooms, mops, large plastic wrappings from furniture, white goods, any sharp objects, hot liquid or ashes, oil, unwrapped vacuum dust, syringes, paint and solvents, car parts, chemicals, corrosive and flammable items, soil, timber, bricks or other building materials, recyclables, etc. DOWN THE CHUTE.

Ensure waste placed down the chute is in SMALL, SEALED, STRONG PLASTIC BAGS.

Glass, newspapers and all other recyclables are to be lodged in the recycle bins located on the Carpark Levels, which will be collected by cleaning staff. Broken glass (wrapped), crockery, sharp objects, cartons and large rubbish bags MUST be taken down to the Carpark PERSONALLY and placed inside the allocated garbage bins.

Please ensure your household rubbish is in strong and properly sealed plastic bags prior to placing in the rubbish chute, preventing spillage and odours. It’s a long way down and the rubbish can break out of the garbage bags creating a mess and causing a health risk to those cleaning the chute or in the near vicinity of the rubbish chute at the time.

Do not leave rubbish in bags outside your apartment door, balconies, or the floor in the garbage area.


A recyclables collection area is located on all Carpark Levels near the lift foyer. Recycle Bins will be collected regularly by cleaning staff.

All cardboard boxes and packaging must be broken down and neatly packed in the appropriate recycling areas. Removalists must return to collect empty boxes.

Items that will be collected for recycling are:

  • Paper magazines and cardboard (please flatten boxes)

  • Aluminium and steel cans

  • All hard plastic containers

  • Glass bottles and Jars

  • Milk and Juice cartons

Clean the items before depositing in recycle bins.

Batteries, plastic bags, ceramics, light globes are not recyclable.

Do not place recyclables in plastic bags.

The waste management contractors DO NOT take contaminated recyclables.

Removalist waste & large packaging

Your removalist company should dispose of waste and packaging generated during the moving in process.

Hard waste

Residents are advised to make alternative arrangements for Hardwaste collection.

Hard rubbish includes:

  • household white goods and electrical appliances such as fridges, dishwashers, washing machines (doors must be removed) and televisions

  • hot-water services

  • broken furniture

  • mattresses


Please do not leave hard rubbish in any common areas, i.e. floor lobbies, basement, car park levels or ground floor entry lobbies or waste management area etc.

Can I smoke within my apartment?

Smoking is not permitted at any time in or on any part of the Common Property for Eporo Tower at any time.

Smoking in the building may result in the fire alarm and/or sprinklers activating. A false alarm call where the MFB attends can incur a fee of approximately $5,000. This will be invoiced directly to the resident identified as responsible.

Air conditioning Units

Air Con units are the responsibility of the individual lot to maintain.


Air Conditioning units have filters and electrical components that should be serviced and cleaned regularly. Failure to undertake preventative maintenance can cause damage to the compressor or fan within the system. If you have a split or single system air conditioner, the filters should be cleaned once a month in winter and every week or two in high use months according to manufacturer’s specifications – depending on your unit, information should be included in your apartment manual. Compressors require annual servicing by a qualified technician electrician.


Requires the approval of the Owners Corporation

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